50 Page Fail


So I got to my destination and after much yummy sushi and rum and diet cokes, I tumbled into bed around 3 am. But since I can never really decompress with reading a sentence or two I picked up Feed.  Five pages in and I am not sure I will finish it.

A few years ago I realized that my to read pile was growing too fast for me to ever get to it all.  So I thought about my rule that I had to finish a book even if I didn’t really like it.  I have the same rule for movies. I have only ever walked out of one movie; Grease II.  So how to decide about when to stop reading? I didn’t want to give up on books that just take some time to get into but turn out amazing.   [amazon_link id="0553384031" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden[/amazon_link] I am looking at you.  But I did not want to waste time on books that were just bad or not to my taste.  So I developed my 50 page fail rule.  I will read any book for 50 pages.  If in 50 pages I can put it down and walk away without trying to get back to it, I stop reading. If I put a book down and pick up all the other ones I am reading and finish those first, I stop reading.

So I will give Feed, with its quirky “look I invented new words because it is the future” style 45 more pages.  If I can’t get past the style by then, I’ll invoke the 50 page rule.

So what’s your reading rule?