Review: Foiled



 Title: Foiled Author: Jane Yolen
 Pages: 160  Genre(s): Fiction, Graphic Novel, Fantasy,
 Publisher: First Second  Publication Date: 2010
 Finished: 07/29/2010

Why Picked:

My oldest daughter has the fencing bug and I picked it up for her.  But as with most graphic novels I previewed it first for her.


Aliera Carstairs just doesn’t fit in.

She’s invisible at high school.

She’s too visible at the fencing gym.

Aliera’s starting to wonder…where does she belong?

First Line:
“I want to tell you this story. No – I have to tell you this story.”
More and more fencing is becoming a part of our life.  I was really excited to find this story about a girl who fences and doesn’t quite fit in.  My review: It was nice.  But that is my major compliment and criticism.  The use of gray-scale until Aliera truly “sees the real world,” the girl who has to chose between friendship and a boy, the youngster who is put upon discovers she is special; all seem played and boring.  The heroine is strong. Check. The heroine is unconventional. Check. The new cute boy seems to like unremarkable girl. Check. It felt like Yolen gave up good storytelling to the visual aspects of the book. All that said, my 10 year old loved it.  Hence a B not a C rating.