Mondays are Library Days! (11/30/10)

Very little new gotten out of the library this week. Honestly I am still flush with books from my recent trip.  Joe’s iphone + dark at an unreasonably early hour really cut into my reading time.  I did pick up Dark and Stormy Knights, a book of urban fantasy short stories set in some of the worlds I find interesting.  I am especially looking forward to “Even Hand” by Jim Butcher and “A Questionable Client” by Ilona Andrews.

I am still reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth but am quite close to the end and Boneshaker (Sci Fi Essential Books) which has gotten crazy good reviews and recommendations from many people I trust. So far neither disappoints.

On the trip I managed to finish Unshelved, Bad Girl: Confessions Of A Teenage Delinquent, and Gone.  More on Gone in a few days as this rounds out the mini-challenge I was doing for YA dystopian fiction.