Review: Where in I Eat My Words, Kinda



Title: Feed Author: M.T. Anderson
Pages: 299 Genre(s) : Fiction, Young Adult, Science Fiction,
Publisher: Candlewick Publication Date: 2004
Finished: 11/10/10 3star

Why Picked:

It was on a number of dystopian reading lists.


Identity crises, consumerism, and star-crossed teenage love in a futuristic society where people connect to the Internet via feeds implanted in their brains.

For Titus and his friends, it started out like any ordinary trip to the moon – a chance to party during spring break and play with some stupid low-grav at the Ricochet Lounge. But that was before the crazy hacker caused all their feeds to malfunction, sending them to the hospital to lie around with nothing inside their heads for days. And it was before Titus met Violet, a beautiful, brainy teenage girl who has decided to fight the feed and its omnipresent ability to categorize human thoughts and desires. Following in the footsteps of George Orwell, Anthony Burgess, and Kurt Vonnegut Jr., M. T. Anderson has created a not-so-brave new world — and a smart, savage satire that has captivated readers with its view of an imagined future that veers unnervingly close to the here and now

First Line:

“We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.”


So I went ahead and finished Feed. Generally, I was underwhelmed by the book but there where these glimpses of promise which made me want to know what would happen. Unfortunately, it never lived up to the promise. I dealt with the language issue* because it seemed like the author would use it to juxtapose Titus and Violet’s experiences. This was never fully realized. Also the last line in the summary, ” A girl who decides to fight the feed.”, is really a sham, because Violet only wanted to be like everyone else. She wanted the feed. She wanted to be like Titus and Link and the rest of his friends. The person who fights the system is a throw away character who “infects” the teens while on the moon. I wanted to know about the riots and the old man and his people more than I wanted to find out what happened to Titus or Violet.

* Silly “futuristic” teen babble which was annoying more than anything else.