Keeping Up Momentum


I am currently looking at ways to keep up the momentum I built during NaBloPoMo. I know I am years behind on my reading reviews but since my memory has always been poor if I don’t review a book right away I am sunk about details  I can generally tell you if I liked it but it has to be a super amazing book for me to remember details and plot.  Honestly, after a few years that goes even the best get blurry and I am forced to read my favorites again. The Stand, The Road, and American Gods, I am talking to you.  Anyway, I have been looking around to see if there are some interesting memes to keep the content up and I have found one for each day of the week to give me a back up plan.

Monday – Monday is Library Night
Tuesdays – Teaser Tuesdays @ Should Be Reading
Wednesday – Book Review Party Wednesday @ Cym Lowell or Waiting on Wednesday @ Breaking the Spine
Thursday – Read Aloud Thursday @ Hope is the Word
Friday – Fairy Tale Fridays @ Tif Talks Book
Saturday Summary – Me
Sunday – Challenges Update

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