Booking Through Thursday (1/27/11)

What’s the largest, thickest, heaviest book you ever read? Was it because you had to? For pleasure? For school?

Wow!  That is a hard one as for as “ever” goes.   For fiction I would bet that it would be a Steven King, probably the uncut version of The Stand which weights in at 1141 pages and 1.5 pounds.  When we move to non-fiction I have to include all of the graduate work that I did.  Then, it would probably be [amazon_link id="B00AF55BDG" target="_blank" container="" container_class="" ]: A Critique of Political Economy [/amazon_link] at 1152 pages.  This would be especially true if you include I read Capital : Volume 2: A Critique of Political Economy at 624 pages and Capital: Volume 3: A Critique of Political Economy also at 1152 pages. So if you total that up you get 2928 pages of pure translated German Victorian writing.

4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday (1/27/11)

  1. I've always thought I'd like to read The Stand, but its length always frightens me off. I know it would take me years to finish! 500 pages is pretty much my limit.

  2. Honestly, it doesn't read like it is that long. The reason I read King is because I love his characters and these are some of his best. I often don't want to the books to end because I will "miss" the people I have come to know in his books. I think this one is his finest. If I remember correctly there was an edited version when it first come out. You could try and get a hold of that.

  3. I'd have to say out of any Stephen King book that ever has gotten my interest it would be The Stand but I have not read it yet.

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