Five Star February: Grimm’s Grimmest by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm

GRIMM's Grimmest
 Title:  Grimm’s Grimmest
 Author:  Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm
 Summary:  Murder, kidnapping, cruel punishment, and violent revenge — these are not the bedtime stories mummy used to read. Grimm’s Grimmest presents nineteen of the original, unsanitized, unholy tales as they were first collected by the Brothers Grimm — all fiendishly illustrated in full color. Grimm’s Grimmest has the irresistible look and feel of a creaky old leather-bound volume, perhaps discovered in a forgotten trunk or dusty attic. With aged paper and a leathery stamped case, this delightfully shocking collection harkens back to a time when travelers risked roasting or worse and bad manners could yield frightful consequences. From the true horror of Aschenputtel (the original Cinderella story) to Rapunzel’s dark secret, here are the authentic stories born long ago in the land of the Black Forest, at a time when fairy tales were not necessarily for children. [1]
 Why I Loved It Interesting the themes that have become glaringly apparent during these first two weeks.  I love dark and depressing and miserable stories.  But these, these are where it started.
Who would like this: If you like fairy tales and want to read the non-Disney versions, here they are.
Favorite Quotes: I am going to link to the stories here instead today. My favorite is “The Juniper Tree.”
The Juniper Tree; more info at Wikipedia
The Three Army Surgeons; more info at Wikipedia
The Robber Bridegroom; more info at Wikipedia
Hans My Hedgehog; more info at Wikipedia
The Willful Child; more info at Wikipedia
The Death of the Little Hen
The Goose Maid; more info at Wikipedia
The Three Snake Leaves
Aschenputtel; more info at Wikipedia
The Crows
Prudent Hans
Fowler’s Fowl
The Girl Without Hands; more info at Wikipedia
Allerleirauh ; more info at Wikipedia
The Mother-in-Law
The Dog and the Sparrow; more info at Wikipedia
Rapunzel; more info at Wikipedia
Little Brother and Little Sister
The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn How to Shudder; more info at Wikipedia