The Return


Unfortunately, a few days turned into almost three weeks, and it has been a very long three weeks. The things that took my attention from here were not necessarily bad but hugely time consuming.  Web sites suffered, reading suffered, but many other necessary life things are now accomplished or are very close to accomplished. Some of it scary, some of it exciting, some of it both at once.

My initial goal for March will be put off until April and even that will be pushing it becuase I want to finish off February Fives.  I was mostly through my list when life struck but I will post on the following five books next week Monday-Friday.
Monday – The Stand by Steven King
Tuesday – The Stolen Child by Keith Conohue
Wednesday V for Vendetta by Alan Moore
thursday – Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
Friday –The Wood Wife by Terri Windling

The rest of the month I will play catch up on some design issues I have wanted to resolve since the site redesign in January and general catch-up on Challenges.

My plan for April is to catch up on reviews.  I really want to be on top of my reviewing but that seems to fall away every year.  Not this year is my hope.  I learned a lot from Five Star February.  One thing that I learned is that  every day posting marathons can only be undertaken when I am enough ahead to not be panicking about getting that day’s post written.  I need to be able to take weekends and nights and be with the girls and the family and not with the little glowing box.  No matter how much I love the little glowing box, I love them just the tiniest bit more. So All Caught Up April is about finishing off reviews for the 14 books I have finished this year so far.

Finally, if I am going to give this blog the attention that I think I want to I need to remember that without actually reading it will not be anything.  So back to making time to read.