Ten Questions With a Proud Book Nerd

For my first Armchiar BEA, I got to interview Heather from Proud Book Nerd.  Heather is, like me a SAHM and as we all know that does not mean what it used to.  There are so many hats we wear in that role; one is often working from home to help our families.  Heather does this by freelance editing both novels and articles.

For my questions I tried to go with a mix of book, blog and quirky.  Let me introduce you to Heather, Proud Book Nerd.


1.       If you could interview any author who would it be and what would be the most import question you asked?

Hmm … that is a tough question. There are so many authors I’d want to ask why they did something with their plots or certain characters. Why didn’t they tell us more about something. Why end something the way they did. Stuff like that. 

2.       What book have you read that has had the biggest impact on you?  Not necessarily your favorite book but the one that effected you the most.

Every Last One by Anna Quindlen, I think. Wow. That one hit me in the gut with a sucker punch, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. 

3.       What is your favorite place to read?

Anywhere quiet. I have three young children (3, 5, and 7 years old), and often read amidst a bunch of noise. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed reading on the swing on our front porch.

4.       Best movie adaptation of a book and worst movie adaptation and why?  

The best, hmm … I know there’s been a couple that I’ve been quite impressed by, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment as to which ones left me satisfied. I think the Harry Potter books were done very well as movies, but I seem to remember liking something else more. Again, can’t remember what, though. As for worst, The Scarlet Letter (starring Demi Moore). UGH! I know that at the beginning it says it’s “loosely” based on the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne, but to link that to the novel is just literary blasphemy! Not only was it horribly done and just WAY inaccurate when compared to the book, it was like The Scarlet Letter meets The Crucible. Horrible, horrible movie.

5.       What is your strongest talent?

Umm…I dunno. I’m told I’m good with words. Not just editing, but putting things together in writing to get something across to someone. Otherwise, I’m a good reader – does that count? LOL

6.       What is your favorite season and why?  

Spring or summer. Right now, I’d say spring, I think. I love the rebirth of nature that occurs after winter ends. I love watching the world come alive and start to warm up. I love seeing the animals coming out, leaves returning to the trees, squirrels and birds start to appear in greater numbers. Then there are the spring rains and storms. I’m a happy camper!

7.       Who are your blogger idols?

I don’t think anyone would be someone I consider an idol, but there are a few bloggers I find inspiring. (Or maybe I should just say the blogs are inspiring, as I know some of them are written by more than one person.) Off the top of my head: Book Chick City (so well-written), My Friend Amy (this it the first book blog I ever found, and was my inspiration for starting Proud Book Nerd), Crazy for Books (I love Jennifer), Books I’ve Read (Namine has become a dear friend) – to name a few.

8.       The “experts” say that most replies to comments are not read.  If this is true how do we go about trying to turn the comment section of our blogs into a dialogue?  

That is an excellent question, and something I’ve pondered for quite some time. I know that when I post on others’ blogs, some people e-mail me their responses, and that’s cool. I always subscribe to replies when I post comments on the rare occasional that the author responds. I think part of the reason the replies don’t get read are because so many blog authors just don’t respond. I have seen countless blogs where there comments that need responses – whether questions or just statements, either way – and they don’t get them. When I see that an author responds to comments (on their blog, rather than via e-mail), I’m much more likely to comment – and to follow their blog. So, for me, I think blog authors in general are to blame for that. I have become much less likely to leave meaningful comments on blogs simply because most of the time they appear to go ignored. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t doubt for a moment that they get read, but a little acknowledgment would encourage readers to come back. If you want a discussion on your blog, YOU have to create it. Don’t just write posts. Write comments. Not just “thank you for your comment” but substance. You want a dialogue, YOU get it going. It’ll take work, and time, but I think it would pay off. If readers start to expect a discussion from you, they’ll come back looking for it. Many people think of a blog as almost a business, or at least try to be professional with it. Even people who don’t make money with it and just blog for fun, they try to be respectable and professional. Think of the posts – the reviews, the previews, etc. – as the product and the comments as the customer service. In responding to the comments, you’re letting your readers know that you truly do care about what they have to say, too. One example of an AWESOME commenter who really participates in comments and whatnot is Sheila at Book Journey – she should be added to #7, I think, as she inspires me to be better in the commenting part of my blog!

9.       This one is a standard.  You are having a dinner party.  5 people (alive or dead) can come.  Who do you invite and why?

  • My grandmother – she died when I was a kid, and I would love to get to talk to her now that I’m an adult. About life, get to know her as an adult, and share my life – especially my family – with her.
  • Amy Grant – I’ve always wanted to meet her.
  • Josephine Angelini – I absolutely love her book Starcrossed, and have been following her blog since reading it. She’s such a nice, genuine, sweet person. I’d just love to get to know the person who wrote one of my favorite books so far this year.
  • Heath Ledger – I feel like he’s my generation’s James Dean. Such a tragedy. I’d love to just talk. Pick his brain.
  • Michael J. Sullivan (and his wife, Robin) – He is one of my favorite contemporary authors. His series (The Riyria Revelations) is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve been a fan and in casual contact with him and Robin since the first book, The Crown Conspiracy, was published. I’ve even worked with them on a few of their books, having copy edited them. I would love to meet them.

10.   I have been read The Passage and The Walking Dead.  So I have been asking this question a lot. What is your Zombie plan?  

Um … LOL I don’t know that I have a Zombie plan! Oooh, I know. My daughter is a huge fan of Plants Vs. Zombies. I’ll get a bunch of plants – pea shooters, cherry bombs, etc. – and fight ’em that way! 😉

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