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Today’s topic for Armchair BEA is Networking Relationships.  I’ll be honest this is one area in which I struggle. Most of the questions suggested on the Main site today are not relevant to me, yet. I would like to think  that I am developing some relationships with other bloggers, including Tif from Tif Talks Books.  I am using online book discussions to begin to do that.  As for publishers, I am not sure that my readership is anywhere near what they would consider for ARCs and other interactions. So for me, I am mulling over how to turn comments into discussion. 

When I interviewed Heather from Proud Book Nerd one of the questions that I asked was 

“The ‘experts’ say that most replies to comments are not read.  If this is true how do we go about trying to turn the comment section of our blogs into a dialogue?” 

Her answer was interesting and among other thoughts suggested a way around my major issue. Directly emailing my replies to the commenter.  However, that does not quite have the effect I am really looking for which is making the comments section of the blog a discussion.

I love hosting my site at Blogger.  There are so many benefits for me.  It is easy.  I can link into my Amazon Associates account in ways that are not smack you in the face advertising. But its one major draw back is the lack of organized, easy to use replies.  I would love it if you could, at a minimum, reply directly beneath the comment.  But as far as I can see, using a third part app, the best I can get is the easy insertion of a @commenterhandle reply which merely gets tacked on at the end of the comments section.

So my question today is the same one I asked Heather:

“How do we go about trying to turn the comment section of our blogs into a dialogue?”

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  1. I try to ask very direct questions to engage the reader. I usually get one or two that will share.

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