Whatever begins, also ends.

I am not sure how the organizers do it.  I am exhausted and all I did was participate in Armchair BEA. This was my first go around and I was please with the event and with myself.  I manged to meet the posting challenges every day.  I managed to comment on a few other posts every day. I wish I had had more time to make comments and read blogs but as I tweeted some time this week, I will have reading material for the next few months.  Actually, that was probably the most important thing to come out of this week for me. I realized that I want to network more.  I want to post and chat with other bloggers about blogging and about books. So that is my goal moving forward from Armchair BEA 2011.  Hopefully by Armchair BEA 2012, I will be more connected and more outgoing.

So I just wanted to thank the organizers: Danielle (The1stDaughter), Michelle, Tif, Amy, Pam, Chris, and Chris Singer for the amazing hard work they put into this event.  You guys are so fabulous! THANK YOU!

2 thoughts on “Whatever begins, also ends.

  1. @Chrisbookarama

    I did. It was overwhelming coming at the end of the school year with so many commitments. But I did and you guys did it. Again, well done!

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