As I posted last week, there was some tech stuff going on which required a lot of attention from this tech novice. I decided that blogger had to many quirks to keep me there.  One of the many reasons I stayed was the very easy integration with Amazon Associates.  While I currently am not making money this way I am hoping that eventually a will be able to make a small amount, enough to keep me in books. Recently a tiff between Amazon and the state of California has lead to this app not working. It is a long story full of taxes and egos and you can find it if you search CA and Amazon and taxes. Add that to a incredibly poor comment interface and I decided it was time to move on from Blogger.

So I now have my own domain.  I am using wordpress and the learning curve has been steep.  I am pretty pleased that I have gotten as far as I have in the short amount of time I have been able to give to this but there will still be some glitches. One is trying to change my feed information on NetworkedBlogs.  I can seem to get the verification to work so I am relying on the kindness of friends to verify that I am indeed me, just me at a different domain.

I have posts coming up this week on banned books and why we need to read them.  Additionally there will be some minor changes as I get better at this new process.