A Month of Hallowe’en

I love Hallowe’en.  It is by far my favorite of all the holidays.  You can keep your Christmas and Easter so long as I can keep my crunchy leaves, hot cider, chill in the air Hallowe’en.  In honor of this, all October  I am going to be posting my favorite, mostly children’s, Hallowe’en books.

I read this for the first time last year and to be honest if you have easily frightened children, I would take a past on this one.  Last year the Wee One (aged 6 at the time) asked if we could not read it again before bedtime.  But this year we have read it a dozen times already. The scary tale centers on Terry who is half asleep when he hears the “Scree, Scree” of the Banshee outside his house.  Scared for his brother Liam, Terry sneaks out to alert his Ma to the danger.  When she dismisses his concerns, he decides to sneak out into the cold Irish evening to leave a present for the Banshee in hopes that she will pass over his house. A fine spooky story to kick off the spooky month of October.  Eve Bunting, the highly prolific author of many of our favorite picture books (Pirate Boy; Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas; December; The Man Who Could Call Down Owls) teams here with Emily Arnold McCully to create a wonderfully chilling story which may or may not have a Banshee.