Hallowe’en Books, Day 2

Today’s book is the fabulous Scary Godmother. My youngest, the one I refer to as The Wee One, is not an avid reader.  She doesn’t have the bug.  I am not sure why.  I have some theories, but really, since she can read and can read above her grade level I am trying hard not to push her.  What I have discovered is that she loves the graphic novel.  She will sit and read and re-read one of them.  Other books she wants to be read to her, but graphic novels she will read to herself. That is why our reading bag from the library is often full of age appropriate graphic novels.  Which is a long introduction to Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson.

Let’s start with Jill Thompson.  I have been following her, both figuratively through her work and literally through twitter, for a while now. Some of the amzing things she has none include her illustrative work on The Sandman: Brief Lives (Sandman), Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, Beasts of Burden, and Magic Trixie to name a few. I love her use of color, her lines and her details. And while I like the work she has done for others, Wee One loves Thompson’s stories.  No sooner did we finish Scary Godmother than she asked “Are there more?” I have seen seen her read it at least twice this week alone.  For a non-reader, this is high praise.

The story is charming.  Hannah Marie is going to get to go Trick or Treating with the big kids for the first time without her mom or dad.  When her cousin Jimmy devises a foolproof plot to get her to want to go home, Hannah Marie surprises him be being braver than he thought.  Helped out by her Scary Godmother, and her arsenal of friends, including the bats, skeletons, and a basement monster, Hannah Marie turns the tables and teaches the older kids a lesson of their own. So key points here for the Wee One: brave youngish girl, hallowe’en themed bravery, Scary Godmother who wears a cool skirt (she is now convinced she must have one, skirt and godmother) and finally a younger one who can give as good as she gets. Key points for the Momma, my kids is reading.