Top Ten Tuesday (11/22/11)

Top Ten Authors I Want At My Thanksgiving Dinner

Is there any doubt who is number 1?

1. Neil Gaiman – Because he is smart and eclectic and would be a wonderful dinner guest.  And he would bring Amanda Palmer and they would bring a level of fabulous to the party that could not be surpassed.

2. Cat Valente – Because anyone who can write as beautiful as she can and use ZOMG on twitter sounds like someone I would dig.

3. Lord Byron – Because someone has to get the party started.

4. Dorthy Parker – Because someone has to talk about the party.

5. Edgar Allan Poe – Because he is probably the beginning of my obsession with dark haired poetic men.

6. Gail Carriger –  Because she is witty and vintage and Steampunk and would indulge my obsession with parasols and tea.

7. Anne McCaffrey – Because I need to say thank you to introducing me to fantasy.

8. J.K. Rowling – Because I would love to pick her brain about the Potterverse.  And ask her to explain that horrible epilogue.

9. Lev Grossman – Because maybe he would tell me all about his next book and The Magicians casting.

10. David Sedaris – Because maybe he would read my favorite Christmas essay which would be OK because Santa has already arrived via the parade.