Top Ten Tuesday (1/31/12)

Book Club Books

  1. The Road – After I read this book I spent months walking around asking the question.  Well, it is the question which is all spoiler-y but it is “The Question.” I spend a evening summarizing the book so I could ask “the question” at our family 4th of July gathering. And then spent 2 hours talking about book no one else had read yet.  So I think I book club could work with this one.
  2. Water for Elephants – A beautiful story or love and redemption and dreams.  The first circus book on this because with stories like these the cliché about running away to join the circus is making a come back.
  3. The Glass Castle – My old book club made up of members of my mom club read this.  I think it interested us because of the West Virginia connection.  But it is more than that.  When is unconventional bad? When is enough not enough? How do you deal with shame and embarrassment?
  4. Room – This one is touchy.  You need to be sure that you are not going to trigger someone with this read.  Also I think that this one belongs in a book with friends not a impersonal library club.
  5. The Secret Life of Bees – A fabulous story for all women about woman and their power.
  6. Wicked – And who does not like a great back story.
  7. One Thousand White Women – This was the first book club book I ever read.  Intriguing idea to leave it all behind and become part of the Brides for Indians program. What makes this viable choice?
  8. The Handmaid’s Tale – I guess I assume that book clubs are for and about woman.  Looking at my list the majority of stories focus on woman and their struggles.
  9. Pope Joan/The Red Tent – History and Her-story
  10. The Night Circus – Oh please let me run away and join this circus.  I would love to talk to some who love this book and someone who does not.