Let’s Talk Networking (ABEA)

This topic is hard to write about for me because I have done almost nothing to network in the real world. I am living in a small city, a very small city, where there are few book stores and those stores have very few events.  Of the events they have almost none appeal to my reading preferences.  So I am fairly insular in my blogging.  The one thing that I have done, once, was write a review for the local paper.  I guess I never saw that as networking so much as a favorite to a friend.

One thing to take away from ABEA this year, is more news reviews and sometimes we need to step away from the computer and step into the world.


Ideas so far from reading other posts:

  1. Meetups for readers
  2. Book Retreat
  3. Cards

15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Networking (ABEA)

  1. Hey, writing a review for a newspaper is pretty impressive! Hopefully it will attract the attention of local readers and you can build something from there.

  2. I think it can be hard to take that first networking step… I definitely haven’t been the best at it, I’ve just happened to have some luck with events fairly close by, and other people planning stuff. There’s always room for improvement, though, and I think it can be really rewarding to take this online experience and bring it into the “real world”.

  3. I don’t have much networking opportunity either – but I;ve been getting some good ideas as well. I have an awesome library and will definitely approach them about doing something there.

  4. Libraries are the best thing ever. I get so much stuff from my local library and so much support. My kids are huge users and my tween has read so much they are afraid of running out so they are always asking her what else they can get in for her. I can’t even begin to express how much I love my library.

  5. You’re absolutely right, sometimes we do need to step away from the computer and into the real world. I think a lot of us have forgotten that because it’s so easy to connect with people online.

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