And We Are Back

While I might long for the days of Tudor glory in my costuming, I am not cut out for pre-electric living.  We were a part of the storm which hit Ohio/West Virginia/Maryland and others.  We were at our YMCA outdoor pool when it hit and it was instant and very scary.

We came home to no power which didn’t phase us.  Power goes out here often enough in the summer with our summer storms. Then we began to look around. 4 trees down on our block alone; roots balls exposed, wires down, damage everywhere. This might take a little long than expected.

Fast forward through the next few days.  No power, record  breaking heat, house guests, and still no power.  We cleaned out the refrigerators, sobbing at the loss of food especially the lamb and steaks. Then we bolted.  Up to the glorious Pittsburgh where there was power and AC and cold drinks and family.  But no computer to post to the site.

Good news is I am almost on track for 75 books; bad news is I am way behind on updates and reviews.