Our Librarians

I need to tell you about something near and dear to my heart.  I know that much of the community is all about getting the ARC, reading the books before they are out and reviewing up-and-coming titles but I am still pretty old school.  I read books from my library.  I could not afford to feed my habit with bookstore purchases.  And my tween reads at a breakneck 200 pages and hour and regularly checks 20+ books out a week. I love my library and even more than that I love my librarians.

For the past 10 years we have had a second home on the fourth floor of our main county branch.  It began with Wednesday morning story-time. It was here that we listened to classics and new releases alike.  We danced and sang and sat and listened, always sorry it was over. What made that happen? Our librarians.

Both of my daughters, the one who lives to read and the reluctant reader, began to read to service dogs.  For 20 minutes a week my girls would read to sweet pups who listened (with their owners) non-judgmentally.  They read to rottweilers, cocker spaniels and teacup poodles. It gave them both confidence in their abilities. Who made that available to us? Our librarians.

During the summers, we read assigned books and meet weekly to prep for a Battle of Books, where all county libraries bring teams to compete and share their love of the story. We catalog the books we read and enter raffle tickets into drawings for prizes.  My girls read all summer and when they go back to school there is no reading level loss.  Who organizes this? Our librarians.

When we need to find a new read or discover the reluctant reader loves graphic novels or need to know about why the sky is blue or Elizabeth I never married, we know who to ask.  When the tween finds a new books which she will die without and she has already busted her monthly book budget, we know who to ask.  When my reluctant reader comes home from the book fair and is dying for $50 worth of books I know I can give her $10 and who to ask about the rest. Our Librarians.

So when I heard about the 2012 Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Awards I knew who I had to enter. Our librarians.

If you love your librarian nominations are open through September 12. According to the website “10 librarians each will receive a $5,000 cash award, a plaque and $500 travel stipend to attend an awards reception in New York. In addition, a plaque will be given to each award winner’s library.”

My only disappointment is that not all librarians will know how much they are appreciated.