Top Ten Tuesday (9/18/2012)

Top Ten Bookish People We’d Like to Meet

This week Tahleen over at The Broke and the Bookish is telling us who the people are she would most like to meet in the book world. It is a great list.  I remember doing a Thanksgiving dinner party that focused on authors so today I am going to focus on the Internets (with minimal authorish cheating).

1. FridayReads Crew
Here is a team of people who I think would be fabulous to sit and talk with about books and about building something from the ground up. Starting from a simple hashtag (#fridayreads), this has blossomed into a real movement to raise reading visibility.

2. Book Riot Crew
I love Book Riot. I think that many things suffer from the stuffy=important syndrome. But this place is modern and slick and sly and I want to hang out with these people and talk about books and wine and life because they get, or at least appear to get, that books are life.  And that they are not only found in libraries and classrooms.  They are found in movies and kids’ rooms and youtube and weddings. They is why they are life.

3. ArmchairBEA Crew
This past year was my second participating and volunteering in ArmchairBEA. This group of people are some of the best bloggers and hardest working people out there. I would love to sit down and finally get to shake their hands and thank them for everything they do for all of us who can’t make it to the main stage in NY.

Novel Challenge

4. A Novel Challenge Crew
About a year ago one of my favorite sites A Novel Challenge was going to be given up by the people who ran it. Luckily The Book Vixen and a fabulous group has stepped into the void and we have kept it going.  I would love to meet the people who work behind the code to make sure that bloggers and readers can hook up and have fun together.  So I would like to meet the people who I work with virtually face-to-face: AlishaBriannaJennifer C.Jennifer S.KrisMelissa and Sherri.


5. Tif from Tif Talks Books
When I was a very new baby blogger, one of the very first people who very responded to new was Tif. She was a voice in the big scary world of the intertubes and she has been kind and supportive ever since. It was through her that I found ArmchairBEA and I could not be more grateful. I have followed her and watch how she deftly balances blogging about books and tweeting about her life.

6. April C. from Good Books and Good Wine
I can’t remember how April showed up on my radar. It might have even been through Top Ten.  But even though she is mumble mumble years younger than I, we have very many things in common. We can start with her header. Check. Then move onto gadgets, feminism, have I mentioned wine. I has been a while. Oh sarcasm, we both like that.

7. Emily Temple From Flavorwire
Flavorwire is quite possibly my favorite aggregator. It is my rabbit hole of wasted time. OMG it is 3 am and I have to up in 3 hours.  But if you are looking for fabulous book/literary things to keep you busy Emily is the woman to read there.  I love minutia and to have time to talk with her sounds great. These are just some of her post from the last WEEK!
Photos of Famous Authors and Their Bicycles
Vintage Photographs From Inside 10 Famous Libraries
10 Literary Authors Who Have Written for TV
10 Underrated Books Everyone Should Read
A Literary Insult For Every Occasion
10 Books to Impress the Music Snob in Your Life
Amazing Shredded Book Installations by Jukhee Kwon
Lovely Stained Glass-Style Illustrations for ‘Lord of the Rings’

Oh and she also does literary mixtapes which I love.

 8. Lev Grossman, TIME Book Critic, Author
Yes, I know he is an author. Yes, I know it is kinda cheating as he is one of my writer crushes. What? I like big brains wrapped in nerdy, wordy, awkward packing. So sue me. BUT! He is also the book critic for TIME magazine. So there.  And apparently, according to his bio, chaotic good.

9. Jim C. Hines, Hugo Award Winner for Best Fan Writer (2012), Author
Jim Hines is in my top ten for being a great blogger but also for being a extraordinary human being.  If you go to his current blog page you will find a very funny post of Goblins on a Hugo, a round up post on sexual harassment, a review post, a post apologizing if you thought he might have blown you off at a recent event, and it goes on.  He appears to be a decent human being who I would love to meet and talk to because honestly the cynic in me thinks those are kinda like unicorns, rare and magical.

Lis K shows us the Improbable Midnight Flamingo hard at work

10. Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman
Yes, Neil Gaiman now appears on my lists for just be being Neil Gaiman. But let’s face it.  He is a brilliant writer. He has been blogging since before blogging was a thing. He loves his kids. He loves he animals. He adores his wife. His assistant praises him. He seems to know he is a lucky man to live this extraordinary life. he inspires art like above. he is the whole package.


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    1. Book Riot looks like stupid amounts of fun to work for. For me it seems they real get how for some people books are everything.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I know. I would love to work there too but only if it meant coffee and chat with contributors.

      Also BEA is a dream. I have family in NY. It is where I grew up but I am uneasy with the idea of going it alone. Maybe someday I will find someone to go with.

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