Strangely Meticulous

We all have our strange quirks. One of mine is a weirdly wired meticulousness. I wish it was about housekeeping or finances or 100 million other things but it shows itself in the smallest oddest little ways. For example, I have motioned that I am now teaching as an adjunct. I have binders full of lecture notes with tabbed section dividers. And all glory to the office gods who invented the self stuck tabs. I have grading charts and post it notes and sign-in sheets and PowerPoints and my work email has a folder structure that my personal email is envious of.  But what does this have to do with reading?

Well, apparently I am wired that way about my e-reader. Every book, every article, every pdf has to be the same. I spend more time put things in order. Making sure that the free books I download have a pretty cover, that their metadata is correct, and that they are all in epub form. I spend time making sure that the author’s name is the same in every manuscript written by them and if it is a series, like Oz, that it is numbered correctly and has the correct publication date for the original publication date. And they have to have a cover. Oh the world will end if there is a texty looking thing on my e-bookshelf. It is sad.

I also spend a large amount of time trying all of the readers on my tablet. Kindle, Nook, Moon+, Aldiko, etc. They all have quirks and idiosyncrasies, but I think so far my favorite has to be either Moon+ or Aldiko. I do wish that they had a simple refresh button for when I rewrite the metadata files and need to update.

Do you have a e-reader? What are your e-reader quirks?