Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013


Since Christmas all of the work on WWRR has been mostly behind the scenes as I have worked to finish up my list of books read and challenges finished* and discovering what challenges I am going to take up for the new year. It is a very long list and this year I and hoping to actually be a more active reviewer. I am putting less pressure on myself to write newspaper length reviews and will be posting more reviews like my 50 Word Friday ones. Many of these will most likely be posted at GoodReads and linked to from here. Over the next week I will be signing up and highlighting my challenges and both easy and hard. So memes and reviews will be light.

I also was lucky enough help out Nicola over at Graphic Novels Challenge this week. Head over and see what you think of the new 2013 Challenge button. 🙂


*finished in the sense of I read the required number of books not finished in the sense of actually posting the required reviews.

photo credit: El coleccionista de instantes via photopin cc