Top Ten Tuesday: New To Me

Today’s topic is “top ten new to me authors” in 2012. I was a bit worried that I would not have 10 since I am a creature of habit and a reader of authors I love. Additionally, since every, single, book, ever, now is one of trilogy at a minimum, finding time to sneak new authors in a difficult. I did find, however, I not only have ten, but also have ten I enjoyed.

1. Gillian Flynn – So maybe enjoyed is the wrong word. I read Gone Girl recently. That book is, WOW. That is some twisted WTF-ery right there. I want to read another but I think I am going to read some fluffy bunny stories first.

2. Colin Meloy – I knew and loved him from The Decemberists and was so glad that I could read and love him an author. His sequel is on my to read list happily and this is one of the fandoms I share with The Girl. Last night she said “Mom, I am really glad we like the same books and music, mostly. It’s cool.” Need to hold onto that in a few year when it will not be so cool any more.

3. Jenny Lawson – So reading her blog doesn’t count, right? I say no. So she is till a new to me author. Lawson has amazing comedic timing, wit, self-deprecation and charm. And she knows all the people I would sell body parts to meet. And her book is why some bloggers deserve book deals

4. Jessica George Day – The girl can re-tell a damn fine fairy tale. I read two out of her three Princess books this year and the third is on my list for early next.

5. John Green – Ok y’all can close your gaping mouths. I know I read YA and I know that every other person who has read YA has read him. BUT, I don’t really read contemporary YA and until The Fault in Our Stars, no one ever raved to me about him. Then he broke my heart.

6. Laini Taylor – One of my favorite from this year has to be her Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Rich setting and storytelling and interesting characters with just enough mystery and adventure to keep me intrigued.

7. Marissa Meyer – I don’t know how she classifiesCinder, but for me it was the first SciFi book I have loved in a very long time.

8. Kevin Hearne – The Iron Druid series is almost as good as Dresden. Young and snarky, battling gods and paranormal creatures to save the day with the help of his friends. Not quite as broken as Dresden but he’ll do in a pinch.

9. Kristin Cashore – She has written one of the very best heroines ever, one of the few books I didn’t recommend The Girl read but told her she HAD to read. Fabulous, wonderful fantasy where the prince and princess rescue each other.

10. Jim Hines – Not only because he is a great author but also because is he a kick ass person. He currently is in a pose off with other authors for a  Aicardi Syndrome Fundraiser.  He blogs about Inclusion in in SF/F and fandom (Inclusion Linkfest) and Sexual Harassment (Crap People Say About Sexual Harassment). He stands up for what he believes passionately in (Why I Cancelled my Reddit Q&A). So ya, this guy, buy his books, read them and then buy some more.

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    1. I love the pink hair too. Minor warn about TFIOS if you are a crier, and I am, it is majorly tissue worthy.

    1. You will have to come back and tell me how Dark Place compares. I think Gone Girl is best unspoiled so I will leave you to it but it is a WOW read.

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