50 Word Friday: Celtic Saints

Celtic Saints

Celtic Saints
Author: Martin Wallace, Ann MacDuff (Illustrations)


The Ireland of the Dark Ages inspired strange and marvelous legends that intertwined history and fancy. Today, these legends live on in the stories of wandering saints, who performed good works and miraculous feats on their travels throughout the British Isles and Europe. From well-known and beloved icons—such as Saint Patrick, who chased the pagans from the shores of Ireland along with the snakes, or Brigid, the wise woman of Kildare, who displayed a special gift for healing the sick—to the likes of Columba of Iona, David of Wales, and Aidan of Lindisfarne, Celtic Saints tells their stories, with each saint beautifully depicted in illustrations reminiscent of stained-glass windows.


The Blessed got me all excited to read about saints so I decided to work through backlog of saint books I have to read. This has beautiful faux stain glass illustrations, but not much depth to the short descriptions of the saints themselves. Perhaps I am no longer a beginner.