Challenges 16-20 (The End for Now)


I realized this year that I am horrible about beginning series and then forgetting about them. I love them but then I get all excited about the next one and leave the old ones behind, not this year. (One a month – 2013 Sequel challenge)

I always have love for my library. Between me and The Girl I could not afford to keep us in books. Almost all of my 70 read come from the library and The Girl easily reads about 15 a week which would put her about somewhere around 700 for the year. Sigh, I miss being a kid. (just insert IV – 50 Library Books Reading Challenge 2013)

Most of my reads these days are YA. I explained why in a post this past year. So I kept my eye out for a new YA challenge. (The Mega size YA Reading Challenge – Read 50+ Young Adult novels 2013 Young Adult Reading Challenge)

I love my graphic novels. I didn’t read very many last year but I was busy and so many languished in my TBR pile and list. This year is the year to get cuaght up and discover some one one though. (Level 1: read and review 12 books Graphic Novel Challenge)

Finally, after a long wait, I was able to get the first of my proposed reads for my Nobel winners challenge so this January I am beginning my perpetual Around the World in 80 Books Challenge. if I am at all successful I might post to A Novel Challenge and ask others to join in next year. (Around the World in 80 Books Original Post)


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