Challenges 6-11

So GoodReads has their 2013 widget up and running now. My goal last read was 75 books. Sadly I missed it by 5. I am going to attribute that to getting back to teaching and the flinging myself back into it by teach the two sections of a bi-term course, on-line. I picked 75 as my goal again this year.

I really enjoy historical fiction but rarely read it. One of the reasons I love it is for the same reason I love historical pieces on TV or historical movies. The minutes I am done watching the movie or throughout the TV show and book I have Wikipedia open next to me reading about the actual historical events and people. Poo, poo Wikipedia all you want is is still a ton more information than I had before I read it. (20th century reader – 2 books 2013 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge)

I am horrible about reading my own books. I think it is because they are always there. Library books have an expiration date so they must be read first. So every year since I foudn this challenge I have tried to get through at least 5. Last year I managed my 5. (Tempted – Choose 5 books to read Off The Shelf 2013)

While I did outdo myself last year I still didn’t make my goal. In order to out do myself this year I will have to make my goal. 75 books, plus teaching and parenting and trygint to fit the other hobbies in I love. We shall see. (Getting my heart rate up Read 1–5 more books 2013 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge)

This next one seems fairly easy, the 2013 Paranormal Reading Challenge. Some will be easier than other just becuase I prefer those stories or I am waiting for sequels in those areas, Vampires, Fey, Angels/Nephilim, Zombies, and Witches/Wizards. Others not so much, Werewolves/Shifters, Mermaids, Dragons, Demons, Ghosts, Aliens, and Other (ie: sirens, unicorns, centaurs, time-travel etc.).

Here is one of the more difficult challenges. Not because I do not read YA, I read a tons of YA. But because increasingly YA has stopped releasing standalone novels in the genres I read.  (Read 15 Young Adult or Middle Grade standalone novels Standalone Reading Challenge 2013)

Yes this one is for me, a challenge about challenges. (Out of This World 16+ Challenges (Entered & Completed) 2013 Reading Challenge Addicts Challenge)


5 thoughts on “Challenges 6-11

  1. Thanks for signing up for the 2013 SARC! Best of luck to you 🙂 I didn’t make my reading goal either, but I’m done fretting about it. I’m just going to look forward to this year and set my goal a bit lower. (It was 122 last year and I read 115. I’m setting a goal of 90 this year because I’ll be starting college and probably won’t be able to keep up)

    1. Looking forward to this one but finding those standalones is getting harder and harder. Good luck at college. I am back to teaching some Intro level courses after a number of years off. I wondered about counting my textbook as one of the books toward my goal. 😉

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