Thoughts on a Thursday: Comfort Reading


Both kids have been sick for a few days and I am battling it as well. I remember one of the ways I knew The Girl was very, very sick in 5th grade was when she couldn’t read. That was a scary moment. But this time even at her sickest (Monday when her temperature hovered around 103°) she still was reading so I knew that she was basically OK. But she was reading old books. Books she had read before, stories she knew well and that she didn’t really have to think to hard about. In other words, comfort reading.

For me, comfort reading is the stories which I can dose in and out of and still know where I am and what is going on, Pern and Gaiman and Grimm. Or it is stories that are light and easy. No tomes of worth and import, not Dickens or Hemingway or Plato but Prachett and Hines and some YA reads. Not that the lessons in those latter are not as important and profound as those found in the former but I can read them without dropping off into coma-land.

So what do you crack open while you burrow under the covers and sip tea and recover?

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday: Comfort Reading

  1. Dragonriders of Pern, Dune, Susan Cooper (particularly The Dark is Rising), the Tiffany Aching series, Prodigal Summer, Orphan’s Tales, Stephen King (because even though he writes horror, he writes characters I love and find comforting).

    1. Great choices. Pern for sure. I completely agree with you about King. I think he writes some of the best characters ever.

  2. My comfort reads are romance novels! I rarely read them anymore, but if I’m in a funk and want to just zone out – nothing beats a cheesy, sappy romance 🙂

  3. I just had a week of comfort reading – sometimes you need it. My personal favorite is Barbara Michaels – but I also can be caught reading the Little House series for the millionth time. 😉

    1. Little House! It has been forever since I have read those. They may be worth a revisit next time I am down for the count.

  4. I’m the same way, I know I’m really not feeling well if I just can’t read. My comfort reads tend to be old classics, like Jane Eyre or Little Women. I’ve read both of them more times than I can remember at this point, so they are pretty easy to pick up if I can’t focus. I also tend to pick up a random fashion magazine that has been laying around my house for awhile, since those don’t really require a lot of focus either.

    1. It is the focus which goes, especially when you are fevering. And that is what has been going in at the house of plague this week. High fevers and achy bones. So easy reads and lots of tea.

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