No One Remembers Your Name: Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday
Each week The Broke and the Bookish will post a new Top Ten list that one (or more) of their bloggers will answer.
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I have almost recovered from my meeting with Mr. Gaiman. Honestly I never thought it would be the gut punch it turned out to be. But today’s Top Ten topic is about the flip side of fame: Authors Who Deserve More Recognition. Now some of these people have a rabid fan base. But they are not huge even though I think they should be.

Franny Billingsley

She wrote one of my very favorite books, Chime. It came out in 2011. An admitted slow writer I am dying to know if she is working on something and what it is.

Kristin Cashore

Writer of the best female hero ever. The Paperbag Princess grows up and does not get married. Thanks all that is good and holy there is a role model how shows girls there are other options.

Catherine Fisher

Just got her new one and I hope it is as good as Incarceron and Sapphique.

Jessica Day George

I know she has said there will only be three Princess stories but I really want more.

Jim C. Hines

Great writer and great human being. Go buy his stuff so he can quit his job and write all the time.

Martin Millar

I only know him thanks to my librarian friend, and she was so right.

Patrick Ness

Gotta love a guy who get the dog right.

Carolyn Turgeon

Best Godmother story every written.

 These last two are biased as I know them or their family well. But damn they can write and you should read their stuff.

Aaron Starmer

The Lonely Ones made me want to know more about the characters. I hear there might be a trilogy in the works about new characters. Can’t wait.

Sarah Dooley

Loved Body of Water. Then she up and won the PEN Foundation Award. I can’t wait to read the one she is editing right now.

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    1. You really do. It was fabulous and quite different. That is my new gauge for supernatural/paranormal.

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