Bookish Upworthy Links: Thursday 13


So I stumbled on the new-to-me meme called Thursday 13 today. It was just what I needed since I am weeks behind getting prepped for classes which start on Monday.

Today I watched a brilliant Slam Poet talk about OCD and Love. It was through Upworthy and I was reminded of how often things come through there which make me think, laugh and cry. Sometimes it is the same thing. So today Here are 13 Bookish things from Upworthy, Starting with the Slam Poet I heard today that is Number 1:

The Most Honest And Heartbreaking Reason To Leave Your Front Door Unlocked I’ve Ever Heard

2: How Fiction Can Change The World:

3: Before You Whine About Public Education Again, Watch This Video:

4: Yo Steve Jobs, I’mma Let You Finish, But The Book Was The Best Invention Of All Time:

5: 6 Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Hate Your Life And Actually Enjoy It And Stuff

6. Why You Might Never Have Married The Love Of Your Life Without Books

7. Get Naked And Take A Nap, Plus 21 Other Life Hacks You Can Learn From A Kid

8. But The Wild Things Cried, ‘Please Don’t Go. We’ll Eat You Up. We Love You So.’ — RIP Maurice Sendak

9. How Can Our Kids Accept Diversity If These Books Are What We Use To Raise Them?

10. 7 Love Letters To Learning From The World’s Sharpest Minds

11. It Might Look Like A Bunch Of Scribbles, But It’s Actually Packed With Buckets Of Wisdom

12. 14 Real Teenagers Who Are Better Literary Role Models Than Bella Swan And Edward Cullen

We Are Absolutely Not Okay: Fourteen Stories By Teenagers Who Are Picking Up the Pieces

13. How Hard Is It to Pose Like Princess Leia? 4 Nerdy Novelists Find Out.


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