The Easy Button: Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday
Each week The Broke and the Bookish will post a new Top Ten list that one or more of their bloggers will answer.
Everyone is welcome to join.

Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

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Librarians –  I am not sure that any of our lists should be complete without these fine public service peeps on them.

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Nook Color – How did I live without you? Even more specifically how did I travel without you?

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WordPress So glad I made the move from Blogger to WordPress. I will never go back and I will never host a site any other way. Really it is easier than you think.

goodreads-badge-medGoodReads While I have accounts on LibraryThing and Shefari, GoodReads is my go-to online spot for maintaining a TBR list and keeping track of what I am reading and what I have read.

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Memes – Let’s face it there are days that you just don’t have it in you. Those are the days I am glad for memes. Also I have found some great blogs to read through TTT and others.

wlw_thumbWindows Live Writer Two Words: Dynamic Template!

Wunderlist 2 iOS AndroidWunderlist I can’t seem to pick a to do app that hangs around but this one is my latest. Clean lines, simple to use and cross platform syncing makes my life more manageable.

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Audiobooks – Since I spend more time in the car since I have gone back to work these are saving me and Audible wins for hands down convenience.   




HootSuite Trying to tweet more but until the workhorse phone dies and I can upgrade I think this is a pipe dream. But I do use it for my birthday tweets.

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Other Bloggers – Because you guys are the bee’s knees!

And how could I forget because I used it for most of the non-press kit logos on here:

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Photo Pin – “Search millions of Creative Commons photos from Flickr and add them to your blog posts easily.”

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