Where do I Go From Here?

thoughtsI have been think a lot about this blog, about where it has been where it is going and why I do it. I think it is time for a reevaluation.

I do this for me, not for ARCs or to have a huge number of followers or to play in the sandbox with the big girls and boys. I do it because I love to read and I love to have a way to keep track of what I read. I do it to write down what I think and to see what others think if they choose to come and chat with me.

I do this because I love to challenge myself to read more and read differently. But I also will not feel badly because I do not read what everyone else thing I should read. I will read what I love and love what I read. I will learn to let go of those books which I do not love even if it means disappointing family, friends or publishers.

Everything else is gravy. I love the memes and the events and all of the fun things, but it needs to be about the rending again. Because this is about the reading, I will take the time to make it about me. I will carve out reading time and guard it jealously. Recently a dear friend posted to this to FaceBook:

The best way to describe the two different types of bibliophiles is: If you left wvredreads and me alone in a private library full of exceedingly rare books and we were both told not to touch any of them… She would get kicked out for reading one of them, and I would get kicked out for hoarding them into a pile like Smaug and whispering sweet nothings to the ones with gilded and embossed covers.

It is time for me to Smaug my reading time again.

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