Thoughts on a Thursday: Reading Slumps

Thoughts on a Thursday

I am in a quandary. This has never happened before. I have been thinking for months that I am in a blogging slump, but it is so much worse than that. I am in a reading slump. And it is frightening.

I have not read a book this year yet that has wowed me. Most of my books have been 3 and 4 star ratings. About an average 3.5 star rating for the year. Not one of them has been a 5 star. And I have read things that other people have been gushing about The Goldfinch and The Leftovers for example. I find myself doping things other then reading. Gasp!

I miss great reads. I miss losing myself in a book. I miss not being able to wait to get back to it. And I am not sure what the solution is. Partly it might be a reliance on tech, social media and electronics which are some of the major distractors. So I am thinking that Mondays posts might come very late, possibly Tuesday morning. We might try to go tech free on Mondays for the rest of the summer. No phones, no tablets, no laptops. Old fashion hardbacks and lemonades only. Maybe that will help. Wish me luck.

Anyone else ever hit a slump?