Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes!

Tomorrow finishes off the end of the holidays and the “real” beginning of the new year. Back to the grind of diet and exercise and healthy choices. Back to Mom taxi and class prep and juggling it all. So what exactly is different this year? Here is a list, in no particular order.

  • Reading is tops again. turn off the games and the phone and the electronic distraction and read.
  • Challenges are suggestions and not concrete rules for choosing reading material.
  • Blogging is for me and for fun, not a drudgery or a chore. If it feels that way I stop. Take a breath and come back when I feel the urge again.
  • I will spend some time each week reading and commenting on other blogs since I feel the need for connection this year.
  • I will spend some time making the blog better than is was and better than it is. To that end I have already been using Parajunkee‘s “31 days to Better Blogging” suggestions. Also I have been going back and updating old posts.

So there it is. The year of reconnecting to reading and blogging. But first, I am going for a run.

Feature photo credit: Lester Public Library via photopin cc