#BookBlogWriMo 2015 Day 1

I am reading and reviewing again. I am running and Instagraming. However I am not posting. So I am going to give #BookBlogWriMo 2015 a go, with the feeling that blogging is a habit and 30 days make a habit no matter when you start.

1. History of your Blog

I mentioned this a few weeks ago when after a long break I decided to re-name the blog and start posting again. I have a series of posts that I am going to start in the new year called “A Whole New Me with Books.” Which will talk about the how and why of the change in focus, but the change in title really sums it up. This space used to be West Virginia Red Reads. Now it is West Virginia Red Reads and Runs.

I am taking parts of my life back and reading more for the pleasure of it and not the escaping into it.  This means there are fewer memes about reading and in the new year more posts of a substantive nature. I will probably focus on Mileage Mondays (running) and Top Ten Tuesday (reading) for meme-age. I am not sure what I will fill the other days with but I am hoping you will come along for the ride.