Runnning Challenges

I have mentioned over the past few months that one of the major reasons for the slow down in posts, and in reading to be honest, was that I have taken up running. It is crazy I my age to suddenly be obsessed with something I never, ever wanted to do before. But I am. And you all know how I like a good challenge. So I have those as well as reading challenges this year.

Personally I am challenging myself to run 10% more than I did the month before.  That means I will start January at 50 miles and then February will be 55 and so on.

January 2016

I was also going to do the 12 month Running challenge, but I have already fubbed the first one which is a 30 day run streak. 2.5 hour drive to a gymnastics meet for Bean and 4.5 hours of meet and 2 hour lunch with a teammate and 2.5 hours home and I didn’t have it in me to get out there. So I am all about adjusting. As soon as get my 30 day run streak in I will move on to me next Challenge.

And I am in regular Endomondo challenges. Here are two: