February Re-boot


Thanks for coming along on this ride. Sorry I was absent again! But it was for a good cause, really. I spent all the weeks since Thanksgiving co-captaining some weight loss challenges on a FB group I am a member of. The last one was super fun, based on old school D&D, complete with character classes and stories. While both of these were amazing and super fun, they were exhausting. In the second one I posted virtually everyday. I had 6 weeks worth of challenges for 6 or seven classes posted every Friday. What wound up happening was that I did not actually participate at all. I have only run about 12 days in February and my eating ballooned at the end of the challenge. I had gone from having taken off about 70 pound to gaining about 25 of it back.

I realized during this that I can only keep one house in order at a time (and if you have been to my actual physical house you know that is not the one I mean). I cannot be a cheerleader and motivator to others and keep myself on track at the same time. Beginning about 2 weeks ago, I decided that my house must come first. I want to run a half marathon in the Fall but have not made a firm commitment to running. I failed in my running challenges. So this week I will be re-vamping.

I have already failed in my simple reading challenges as well. I must carve out the time to read. The e-reader goes back in my purse and I will use it instead of the damn phone. I have been totally sucked into some groups on Facebook full of amazing people. But honestly, I need to step back and breathe, and run and read.

photo credit: Time to go running via photopin (license)

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