Mid Year Update


Since it is almost June I thought I would start this week off with a bit of a mid-year update. It is not a happy one. I had a long-term goal to be out of the obese BMI category by the time I turned 50. And I was well on my way last Fall. I had lost 70 pounds and was running 5-10K everyday. But than Winter arrived and I knew that my streak would slow and so would my weight loss. What I didn’t know what that I would get injured and from November until now I would gain 57% of that weight back. This has been devastating for me. I was supposed to be close to run a half marathon at this point but now I am excited to be running 3K at a time in an AlterG® ANTI-GRAVITY TREADMILL set at 65%. I am trying very hard to see that I am healing but I am so very frustrated that I have lost so much ground.

I am on track for some of the reading challenges but need to post the backlog of reviews. I have decided that I need to focus on one thing at a time and now have my books one my tablet, on my phone and physically (when I can). I can’t think of how many time lately I have wanted to keep reading but the book is in a form or on an unavailable device. I will let you know in a few weeks if this helps me out of my slump. Or you will see it a in bunch of new reviews.

To add to the stress of not running, I am looking at applying for jobs after a number of years home. Sadly I have yet to find one that will pay me to read and run. But fingers crossed that something comes along soon.