Monthly Running Goals 2018

January 2018

There are two here. The first is getting nutrition back under control. I am an Atkins eater for my health and pain management. I don’t expect everyone to understand nor eat like me by I do expect everyone to STFU about how it is unhealthy or how I can’t run on a low carb diet, etc.

Number Two: Run. That is it. I want to get back to regular running. I am currently sidelined with yet another injury, this one not related to running. Back pain is no joke and I am not trying to run through this. I have a chiro appointment coming up and hopefully, that will fix me up to the point where I will be able to get back to this crazy thing I love/hate.


Pretty simple this month. Nutrition: 2 weeks of induction followed by Phase one of Atkins. Follow up with doctors regarding healthcare weekly. Running: Call Doctor’s weekly until I get the promised referrals and then set up appointments ASAP.

February 2018

Make a plan which is realistic and has wiggle room. Maybe back to a 5K by July (depending on injury) and adding miles safely from there. And a corollary to this is RUN MORE THAN I DID LAST YEAR.

Rules: Have a solid month of runs planned out on RunPlan. Monthly goals to solid 5k in July and half in April 2019.

March 2018

Add Strength Work 3 Times Per Week.

Rules: Using Jefit clock 12 strength workouts, either bodyweight or YMCA.

April 2018

30-Day Run Streak

Rules: Run at least 1 mile every single day, rain or shine, hot or cold. The run doesn’t have to be fast or pretty, but it needs to get logged.

May 2018

Run a 5K without Stopping (This is a goal which may be modified depending on injury recovery)

Rules: Run long, Run fast but above all run smart for 3.1 miles.

June 2018

Stay hydrated throughout the day.

Rules: Drink recommended amount per day. Taper and replace until it is all water.

July 2018

Run a 5k Race

Rules: Run a real, live 5K.

August 2018

Add variation to running workouts: Intervals, Fartlek, Tempo, Hill Repeats, etc

Rules: Replace 1/3 of all runs for this month with variations.

September 2018

Run a 10K

Rules: Add 10% to weekly miles to get to 10K on the long run. (Week 1: 5, 5, 5; Week 2: 5, 5, 6.5; Week 3: 5, 5, 8.15; Week 4: 5, 5, 10)

October 2018

Run at an average pace below a 12:00 minute/mile.

Rules: at least 1 5K run with an average pace of 11:59 minute/mile

November 2018

Run with the local running group

Rules: Go and run with the local group 1 time in the first two weeks of the month.

December 2018

Establish a New, Massive Goal