Mid Year Update


Since it is almost June I thought I would start this week off with a bit of a mid-year update. It is not a happy one. I had a long-term goal to be out of the obese BMI category by the time I turned 50. And I was well on my way last Fall. I had lost 70 pounds and was running 5-10K everyday. But than Winter arrived and I knew that my streak would slow and so would my weight loss. What I didn’t know what that I would get injured and from November until now I would gain 57% of that weight back. This has been devastating for me. I was supposed to be close to run a half marathon at this point but now I am excited to be running 3K at a time in an AlterG® ANTI-GRAVITY TREADMILL set at 65%. I am trying very hard to see that I am healing but I am so very frustrated that I have lost so much ground.

I am on track for some of the reading challenges but need to post the backlog of reviews. I have decided that I need to focus on one thing at a time and now have my books one my tablet, on my phone and physically (when I can). I can’t think of how many time lately I have wanted to keep reading but the book is in a form or on an unavailable device. I will let you know in a few weeks if this helps me out of my slump. Or you will see it a in bunch of new reviews.

To add to the stress of not running, I am looking at applying for jobs after a number of years home. Sadly I have yet to find one that will pay me to read and run. But fingers crossed that something comes along soon.




Apathy and whine

photo credit: Had a bad day via photopin (license)
photo credit: Had a bad day via photopin (license)

I am still not running. I am more than ever disappointed in my regression and inability to make progress. For a long time that has been my mantra when things have been going poorly; “Seek progress, not perfection.” But what do we do when progress is not even attainable? How can we be motivated when the thing that motivates us is forbidden? How can we practice patience when the one thing that granted an equilibrium and bolstered our ability to be patient is still not allowed?

I have no answers.

Ten (Fiction) Books Every Sociologist Should Read

 Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Most of these will lean heavily toward science fiction or fantasy. In other life I was a sociology professor who taught at a mid-sized university. My dream course, the one I never got to teach, was one called Sociology through science fiction. We were going to include books, movies and TV as a way to explore sociological concepts. There have been a few books I would add to list I had back then but here are my top ten and one of the concepts illustrated in the story.

The Hunger Games Trilogy: The Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Mockingjay A Canticle for Leibowitz  Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Omnibus
 Inequality and Revolution  Religion  Stratification
 The Man Who Sold The Moon  Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited  The Forest of Hands and Teeth
 Capitalism  Eugenics  Culture
 Soylent Green Childhood’s End  The Left Hand of Darkness
 Overpopulation Race Gender
 Minority Report
 Crime and Punishment


Is it as simple as simple?

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin cc
photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin cc

I have discovered that maybe getting back to reading means getting back to books. And by books I mean actual physical books.

Distractions abound in this life I lead. I am doing to many things to often and finding that I am losing what I love in the hustle and bustle of notifications and electronic reminders. So what if I turned them all off. What if I just pick up an actual book, not an e-book and let myself fall into the story again?

Running 2016

Still no running. Longingly syncing old runs and trying to not think about the fact that I paid for a race next week which I will not run. Excited to be able to run Nerd Herd Running‘s “It’s Our Time” Trilogy this year. I will be doing some additional fundraising for Stupid Cancer in the weeks lead up to each race.

Walking without an ankle brace today. Might try an easy .25 mile walk tomorrow.

Product Reviews: SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt

This reviewer was given a SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt Review for an honest review.

Winter running is difficult and I have been mostly running inside since Travis over at SLS3 sent me a Dual Pocket Run Belt to try out.  That is one of the reasons I waited so long to actually post a review. I can’t run indoors with too much gear. So I wanted to get a few good runs under my belt (see what I did there) before I decided about the product. Luckily, I was able to get a half dozen or so in before the ankle took me out.

When I was first running and needed something to carry my phone a purchased a belt. The four things that were most important to me were size, capacity, ease and comfort. These are the things that I decided to evaluate this Belt on.

Size: When I was first running I had trouble finding a belt large enough for my size. I have slimmed down some but not enough that sizing is not very important to me.  This Belt fits most hips (24-38″). I will say that I did not wear it on my hips but at my waist and it was a good fit. I have never been comfortable with belts that ride on your hips so the sizing was good. I was also pleased to see the sizing easily found on their website. On many sites the sizing information is not easily accessible.

Capacity: I know many of us are using phones to listen to music, track our routes, listen to Zombies, Run! and the idea of running naked is a deal breaker. Personally, I have passed on electronic free runs because the idea of listening to my breathing for 5-10K is not fun. Add to this the fact that phones are getting larger and larger and the most often asked question I have seen is will this “thing” (belt, water carrier, etc.) hold my phone. The dual pocket design on this is actually great. I used one side for my phone (a Moto X Gen 2) and one day even left it in its larger wallet case to see if that would be a problem, it was not. I used the other pocket for a variety of things over those runs. One day it was my point and shoot camera. The next it was my keys and my inhaler. In all of the trials I found that the pockets were large enough for my needs.

Ease of Use: This is the one spot that I felt the Duel Pocket fell short, partly because of my personal phone issues and partially because of design. Apps on my phone tend to crash. Additionally, I run intervals so I often need to be able to look at my phone and/or restart apps. Because the phone is completely covered I could not do this without unzipping and removing the phone. Which brings me to my second issue, the zippers on this product are a bit stiff. I cannot judge if that is something which will work itself out over time, but when I did have to remove the phone or my inhaler, I would have to stop running to do it. That said I can’t wait to take it out again now that I have a new to me smartwatch and see how it works paired with that technology.

Comfort: One of the reasons I switched from my first belt to a hand-held water bottle with phone pocket (other than ease of access to my phone) was that the belt was uncomfortable and that after the first few minutes it would shift around. If I began my run with the pocket in the front it would end up in the back. I did not notice this at all when use this product.  As a matter of fact most runs I forgot I was even wearing a Belt. But when I need to access the pockets they were right were I left them.

Overall the rating is as seen above 9.2. The main issue which brought the score down for me was the lack of window accessibility. If you have a smartwatch or do not need to check your phone while running you could raise this review to a 9.5.

One lucky person will get to try it out themselves since Travis and SLS3 are sponsoring a giveaway! He also wanted me to let you know “This is our limited time introductory price for the dual pocket run belt. The belt retails at $29.90 but our Amazon store has it listed for $16.90 (43% Off).” Amazon store – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017DRIKFY?tag=wvredreadsrun-20 And you can also receive 40% off on our entire website www.slstri.com using the code BLOG40.

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