I Did a Thing

So today I did a thing. It was not a big thing but it was a thing.

Actually, it started last night because I laid out clothes to go walking before bed. Then I set alarms. This morning I actually got up at 5:30 and got the pup and went for a walk. 

I realized a while ago that exercise in the afternoon after work was untenable. I was not going to happen. Maybe if The Girl™ every goes back to the gym with me, which requires her to be uninjured for more than 2 weeks, but not alone. I am a morning runner, especially since for the better part of a year I have been a non-runner. So I got up, I got on clothes, I got the pup and I went to the park.

It was a slow walk as the pup and I got used to using the new harness and retractable lead. But it was 1.25 miles of movement and hopefully, it was a beginning.