This site has gone under a major revamp. I have struggled over the past years to find joy in the things that used to be my go-to.   Last year I discovered my love for romance reading and have bounced back in a big way.


What is your favorite thing to read?

I mostly read contemporary romance.  Some favorite tropes are enemies-tp-lovers, sports (give me all the hockey players), Friends-ro-lovers, Fake relationships and Grumpy/Sunshine.

What is your favorite book of all time?

I love Neil Gaiman’s quote on this:  “Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not to lose.”

But I can tell you the title of books I have read over and over (excluding Juvenile Fiction).

  1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  2. American Gods by Neil Gaiman, probably my favorite author.
  3. The Romancing the Clarkson Series  by Tessa Bailey (or just about anything by her)
  4. Things we Never Got Over  by Lucy Score
  5. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

If I could go anywhere for a day, I would go . . .

The beach with my book and 6 tons of sunscreen.

2023 Book/Blogger resolutions

  1. Review more.
  2. Run more.
  3. Focus less on tech and social media and more on 1 and 2.


Three words that describe my running:

  1. Slow
  2. Determined
  3. Escapism

Morning, midday, or evening?

Morning in the summer. Mostly afternoon in the Winter, because it gets light so late and dark so early.

How do I stay motivated to run: 

This one is easy, Zombies Run! It is worth every penny I spend to get the pro membership.  What is it? In short it is a story told in snippets while you run. Don’t ask me what magic they used to make it as immersive as it is, but I get cranky when all of my runs are with friends and I can’t listen to the next chapter.

2015 Running Goals

  1. Regular runs
  2. 5K in under 40
  3. Start training for a half


What is your favorite type of music? …favorite movie? …favorite TV Show? …favorite board and/or video game? …favorite Holiday?

  1. I am eclectic in my choices. It may be easier to say I rarely listen to hip-hop, rap or country. My general go-to on Spotify tends to 1D as a band and The Boys solo. I also listen to a lot over covers.
  2. Anything I get to see in the theater.  But my most Recent fav was The Woman King.
  3. Wednesday, The Marvoulous Mrs. Maizel, Sandman
  4. Recently we have been playing a lot of Splendor.
  5. Hands down Halloween.


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2024 Reading Challenge
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