I am an avid reader.  However, the last few year’s worth of challenges have shown me that is only really true in the genres I love. With that in mind here are some of my policies on reviewing.


I would prefer to read actual hard copies of books.  I will read ebooks and listen to audiobooks, but there is nothing better for my speed and ability to lose myself in a story then binding and pages.

The genres I am most likely to pick up first are:

  • Fantasy (supernatural, paranormal, high, magical realism, the works)
  • Dystopian/post-apocalyptic (they are different and I love them both)
  • Young Adult (if it is good enough my young adult might even chime in on the review)
  • Historical fiction (some romance but more historical)
  • Steampunk (New to the genre but what I’ve read I have liked)
  • Horror (old school Steven King-esque)
  • Graphic Novels (No superheros)

These are not the only things I will read but lately what a gravitate to on my bookshelves.

General Information

If you send me an advanced copy with enough lead time (1-2 months) I will schedule your review for the week before the book’s release date.

In addition to posting a review here, I am actively trying to post to Amazon, B&N, BAM as well as GoodReads, Shelfari and LibraryThing. I will also be trying to submit bi-monthly reviews to the local newspaper.


I review books because I love to read and think that everyone should read more. I will always indicate a books review which come from a publisher or author verse one that I picked up because I was drawn to the title. Sometimes those are not mutually exclusive.

And I have signed this pledge.

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