Review: Captivating Mr. Second Chance by Suzanne Baltsar

Sucker for a second chance romance, and this one is sweet and hot!
#CaptivatingMrSecondChance #NoRedosOnlySecondChanes #1sentencereviews #JanuaryReads

Series: Mr. Series #3

TW: Major Illness; Adoption

Suzanne Baltsar

Review: It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover

I know this book has gotten a lot of push back, but I love Lily and Atlas so so so much.
#ItStartsWIthUs #bestbookcouples #1sentencereviews #January Reads

Series: It Ends with Us #2

TW: Child neglect & abandonment; Domestic abuse recounted; Homelessness recounted

Author: Colleen Hoover

Review: Too Much I.A. Dice

TikTok recs vary so much. I loved the bit I saw on TikTok, but the book was just OK.
#TooMuch #TikTokBookRecs #1sentencereviews #JanuaryReads

Series: Hayes Brothers #1

TW: Child SA (off page, mentioned without details)

Author: I.A. Dice

Review: The Death of Jane Lawrence by Caitlin Starling

Occult, gothic, haunted house, marriage of convenience story beautifully written.

#thedeathofjanelawrence #OccultRituals #1sentencereviews #JanuayReads

Caitlin Starling

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2023 Reading Challenge
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