Apathy and whine

photo credit: Had a bad day via photopin (license)
photo credit: Had a bad day via photopin (license)

I am still not running. I am more than ever disappointed in my regression and inability to make progress. For a long time that has been my mantra when things have been going poorly; “Seek progress, not perfection.” But what do we do when progress is not even attainable? How can we be motivated when the thing that motivates us is forbidden? How can we practice patience when the one thing that granted an equilibrium and bolstered our ability to be patient is still not allowed?

I have no answers.

Running 2016

Still no running. Longingly syncing old runs and trying to not think about the fact that I paid for a race next week which I will not run. Excited to be able to run Nerd Herd Running‘s “It’s Our Time” Trilogy this year. I will be doing some additional fundraising for Stupid Cancer in the weeks lead up to each race.

Walking without an ankle brace today. Might try an easy .25 mile walk tomorrow.

When Tenacity is a Bad Thing


The reboot was working. I was back to running 5-7 days a week. I found a training plan that was working and I was on my way to running a half by months ahead of when my scheduled one occurs in November. I was running in flurries and rain and all kinds of craptastic weather. This week, the week that it is in 70s everyday, I hurt my ankle. I don’t remember doing it specifically, but the medial area was sore. I wrapped it and then ignored it as best I could. I was at a SCA event, on my feet, all day Saturday. I went shopping all day Sunday and both Sunday and Monday I run/walked to get miles for a March Madness challenge I was in.

After coming home yesterday and then sitting all day because of the pain, I decided I am not invincible. I decided that my tenacity and drive to make it past week 2 in my challenge may in fact create a situation where my long-term goals (Lose the weight I have gained +25 more before I run a half in November; Run that half; Run under an 11 minute mile) are seriously compromised.

So I am sidelined and sad. But I will go and grab a book and sit in the sunshine with my foot up and finished that book I have not finished yet. And remember All Will Be Well.

February Re-boot


Thanks for coming along on this ride. Sorry I was absent again! But it was for a good cause, really. I spent all the weeks since Thanksgiving co-captaining some weight loss challenges on a FB group I am a member of. The last one was super fun, based on old school D&D, complete with character classes and stories. While both of these were amazing and super fun, they were exhausting. In the second one I posted virtually everyday. I had 6 weeks worth of challenges for 6 or seven classes posted every Friday. What wound up happening was that I did not actually participate at all. I have only run about 12 days in February and my eating ballooned at the end of the challenge. I had gone from having taken off about 70 pound to gaining about 25 of it back.

I realized during this that I can only keep one house in order at a time (and if you have been to my actual physical house you know that is not the one I mean). I cannot be a cheerleader and motivator to others and keep myself on track at the same time. Beginning about 2 weeks ago, I decided that my house must come first. I want to run a half marathon in the Fall but have not made a firm commitment to running. I failed in my running challenges. So this week I will be re-vamping.

I have already failed in my simple reading challenges as well. I must carve out the time to read. The e-reader goes back in my purse and I will use it instead of the damn phone. I have been totally sucked into some groups on Facebook full of amazing people. But honestly, I need to step back and breathe, and run and read.

photo credit: Time to go running via photopin (license)

New Year’s Plans

I hate the idea of New Year’s resolutions. To me, it seems like it is setting you up for failure. The “resolutions” are vague and broad and huge. So this year is “The Year of the Plan”. I have New Year’s Plans. I can break them down. I can make to-do list and they are tangible. Interested?


  •  Running
    • Start January at 50 miles, add 10% to the previous moth until I hit 142.66 in December 2016
    • 12 Months, 12 Challenges
      1. 30-Day Run Streak
      2. Add Strength Work 3 Times Per Week
      3. Complete 6 New Workouts
      4. Set a New Mile Personal Best
      5. Run At Least 5 Times Per Week
      6. Design Your Race and Training Schedule
      7. Run 50% of Your Miles on Trail
      8. Increase Your Long Run by 5 Miles
      9. Negative Split 3 Long Runs
      10. Hit 100 Push-Ups in One Sitting (HAHAHA, let’s try 25)
      11. Set a 5K PR
      12. Establish a New, Massive Goal


  • Blogging
    1. Posting 3 times a week
      1. Once Running
      2. Once reading
      3. Once meme-ing

See bullet lists and concrete plans. What are you doing in 2016?