February Re-boot


Thanks for coming along on this ride. Sorry I was absent again! But it was for a good cause, really. I spent all the weeks since Thanksgiving co-captaining some weight loss challenges on a FB group I am a member of. The last one was super fun, based on old school D&D, complete with character classes and stories. While both of these were amazing and super fun, they were exhausting. In the second one I posted virtually everyday. I had 6 weeks worth of challenges for 6 or seven classes posted every Friday. What wound up happening was that I did not actually participate at all. I have only run about 12 days in February and my eating ballooned at the end of the challenge. I had gone from having taken off about 70 pound to gaining about 25 of it back.

I realized during this that I can only keep one house in order at a time (and if you have been to my actual physical house you know that is not the one I mean). I cannot be a cheerleader and motivator to others and keep myself on track at the same time. Beginning about 2 weeks ago, I decided that my house must come first. I want to run a half marathon in the Fall but have not made a firm commitment to running. I failed in my running challenges. So this week I will be re-vamping.

I have already failed in my simple reading challenges as well. I must carve out the time to read. The e-reader goes back in my purse and I will use it instead of the damn phone. I have been totally sucked into some groups on Facebook full of amazing people. But honestly, I need to step back and breathe, and run and read.

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Runnning Challenges

I have mentioned over the past few months that one of the major reasons for the slow down in posts, and in reading to be honest, was that I have taken up running. It is crazy I my age to suddenly be obsessed with something I never, ever wanted to do before. But I am. And you all know how I like a good challenge. So I have those as well as reading challenges this year.

Personally I am challenging myself to run 10% more than I did the month before.  That means I will start January at 50 miles and then February will be 55 and so on.

January 2016

I was also going to do the 12 month Running challenge, but I have already fubbed the first one which is a 30 day run streak. 2.5 hour drive to a gymnastics meet for Bean and 4.5 hours of meet and 2 hour lunch with a teammate and 2.5 hours home and I didn’t have it in me to get out there. So I am all about adjusting. As soon as get my 30 day run streak in I will move on to me next Challenge.

And I am in regular Endomondo challenges. Here are two:

Steampunk’d is UP and Thoughts are a Go!


Yesterday I posted that I was going to do the Steampunk’d Challenge (again!) , but that the linkage was not yet up. That is because the lovely Bonnie over at  Bookish Ardour was busy vacationing. Lucky, lucky duck! She is, now, back and all of her challenge links are live.

In addition, I had written to her asking if I could use her prompts for BA’s Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers for a personal challenge and her badge as well and she most graciously has allow me to do this. So I will be using these to kick start my Thoughts on a Thursday feature with credit to her every time.

I love generous Book Bloggers!

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Challenges 16+


I think this is it. Really someone should stop me I have a challenge problem.

17Bookish Ardour‘s 2014 Get Steampunk’d Reading Challenge – No listing yet but I will be doing this when it is up.

18. Always trying to read off the TBR Pile.


1-10 – A Firm Handshake

19. Really hoping that this year is the year I get to this one.

2014 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge


Getting my heart rate up – Read 1–5 more books


2014 Challenges 11-15


Yes more Challenges. I just can’t help myself.

11. I will always join a library challenge. I can’t stress enough how important libraries are to our family and to the community in general.

2014RC library books


12. I realized last year I barely read any non-fiction. So this year I am going to try and get some in.

Nonfiction Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader


Dilettante–Read 1-5 non-fiction books

13. I am forever putting new books on my list and forgetting about all of the books that I have wanted to read that have been there for, now, years. So 1 to 6 books from before 2012.



1-6 Books from before 2012

14. Gotta challenge myself to read outside my comfort zone.

ROtB 2014


I’m a little Scared: 3-4 categories

Classics are the new black – read a classic novel
It’s a serial thing – you’ve read the first in a series (or even three of them), it’s time to read another!
Lost in translation – time to read a book that was first written in another language and then translated.
It’s about time! – read a book that has been sitting on your shelf for at least two years! (and haven’t read it yet!)
By the numbers – read a book with a Number in the title
Weird Science! – read a book that features some form of science – and maybe discover an untapped passion.
I just love a good Duet – a book written by more than one author.
New Guy in Town – read a Debut book written by a new author.
Almost Human – read a book from the perspective of an animal – or an alien – or a robot! (at least feature an ‘almost human’)
Chunkster-time! – read a book that is longer 500 pages. (Time to dust off War and Peace)
Random Rescue – go to a used book store and RANDOMLY pick a book! (could even be from a grab-bag)
Under-Aged Writer – read a book by an author who is not yet 21. Here’s a little help.
Time for exercise – read a book that is set in or around a sport or exercise activity (like yoga or baseball). This can be fiction or nonfiction!
Make-Believe – This category is just for YOU! (and anyone who wants to try it!) Here is your chance to let others know what would get you outside of your Comfort Zone!

15. So many incomplete series!!!!!!!!!!!! :`-(



1-3 series = Bronze Badge